A nursing Assistant and A part-time School Doctor attends to the students daily for routine ailments. Yearly medical checkup is carried out by the Doctor and the report is sent to the parents. A detailed yearly record for every student is maintained by the school.

Students requiring specialised treatment are referred to the specialist. In case of hospitalisation, the parents and local guardians are informed.

Expenditure on tonics, medicines, Injections, X-rays, hospitalisation, operations or treatment by specialist doctor will be billed to parents.

Children in the habit of wetting beds and who require prolonged treatment are not admitted as boarders..


An academic block with covered area of 15000 sq. ft. contains classrooms , laboratories and library. Physics , chemistry, Maths and Biology Labortaries are well equipped with the proper apparatus, charts and Models.


Our Computers are all high-grade TFT Screen units with ancillary printers and carefully monitored and filtered internet connectivity. Each Child has own-station and access to an individual computer for hands-on practice.


Located in our audio-visual room, the language lab encourages accelerated language as students listen, repeat and communicate individually with the teacher. We focus on the practical conversational use of the language. It is our wish that our students have the facilities to perfect their speech, have impeccable pronunciation, with voice modulation and inflection, in their adopted language.


The young people today are growing up in a global knowledge society. Those who are well-educated, self-motivated and able to manage the myriad of information networks are likely to live fulfilling lives. Knowledge, that is know-how and know-why, is becoming an important driver of the global economy, leading to innovation and success. Recognizing the significance of an IT driven world, NPS has spared no expense in installing high grade computers, projectors and electronics smart boards in each classroom, to enhance learning. Complementing these machines are teaching aids which are consistently upgraded to facilitate awareness and knowledge.


Nishan Kala Niketan has produced reat artists od State & National Level. The students have imparted beautiful colours to their emotions on the canvas. They are trained not only in the field of art but also taught to make best use of the waste materials.


The school provides a safe transport for student with communication and supervised pick up and dispersal.


Nishan Public School has separate hostels for boys and girls. In the next phase, the capacity is set to increase to 300 boys and 100 girls. Life at the Boarding House is strictly monitored under the supervision of Headmaster and Headmistress along with a resident Matron and Ayah for taking care of the daily needs of the children. A common room in the same building has access to TV, indoor games, mini library and prep. room for studies. For the convenience and keeping boarders abreast with the latest, regular excursions, trips and to make them feel at home, movie screenings are arranged. Adhering to a strict routine and time-table is taught since the beginning at the Boarding House.

With due care given to the hygiene and standards, the dining hall is accessible to students 5 times a day, namely for - breakfast, school break, lunch, tea and dinner. Apart from the yearly medical checkup, a part time school doctor is present to look after the children staying at the Boarding House.


It is easy to find NPS. NPS is located in the Northern Part of India near CM city (Karnal) in India.

The medium of instruction is English and great care is taken to develop fluency and accuracy in the language. The importance of Hindi and regional languages is stressed and a high standard of proficiency is developed in these languages. ...

The curriculum has been designed for an all-round development of the child, taking in to account their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and sensorial abilities. Children learn in an eco-friendly environment in consonance with an innovative methodology specially evolved by us.

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